LPSLumen Power Sources of Colorado 

Line Card

A-Line Lighting - Specification Commercial and Architectural 
Adra Lighting - Specialty Outdoor Lighting               

American Flagpole - Aluminum Flagpoles                                                
Archipelago Lighting - LED and Fluorescent                                           
Architectural Star - Commercial and Architectural
BL Innovative - LED Lighting                                  

BMK Corporation - Rigid polyurethane and Elastomeric products
Corona Lighting - Landscape Lighting
Crystal Lighting - Decorative Fixtures                                                   
Efficient Lighting - Decorative Fixtures
E-Lighting - Decorative Residential Fixtures  
Focus Industries - Exterior Illumination                                               

Hapco Pole Products - Aluminum and Steel Poles                                   
Incon Lighting - Decorative Fixtures                                                        
Industrial Rig Lights - Hazardous Lighting
LED Living Technology - LED Lighting                                               

Lehigh Lighting Controls - Dimming Controls   
Light Energy - Custom Architectural Lighting Solutions
LiteLine Corporation - Residential and Commercial                                 
Lumen Starr - LED Lamps
Mercury Lighting - Commercial Lighting
National Lighting Solutions - Area Lighting
Neptun Lighting - LED & Induction Lighting                                                                         
Niland Company - Decorative, LED Area Lighting   
Online Power - Power Problem Solutions
Pacific Lighting - Area Lighting
PLC Lighting - Decorative Fixtures                                   
PLP Composite – Fiberglass Poles                                           

Primelite - RLM Domes and Shades
Ryther Purdy - Wood Poles                                                           

Sepco - Solar Powered Lighting                                                                
Solera - Custom Lighting                                                                           
Volume - Decorative Residential Fixtures                     

The manufacturers above provide the ability to quote nearly every job that crosses our desksWe are a tremendous asset if your desire is to save money on projects.  Let us quote your job utilizing these quality driven companies.
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